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Professional Alarm and Video Surveillance Installations to Put Your Mind at Ease

More than 6 million residential burglaries occur every year in America. That's one every 10 seconds! Nearly half of these burglaries are committed without force, such as through unlocked doors and windows. We sell, install, and service all major brands of alarm systems, including GE, DSC, and Honeywell. They are designed for monitoring against burglary and fire, but we can also add features such as carbon monoxide alerts, flood detection, and smart home controls. Call APS Security in Culver City, CA, for your free estimate for alarm and video surveillance installations.

Main Equipment:

Alarm Keypads - Manage your system with a user-friendly control panel.
Sensors - Easily concealed sensors alert you if a window or door is opened.
Glass Break Detector - When glass is broken or shattered, the glass break sensor detects the noise and activates the alarm.
Home Automation - Make the most of your home by taking control of lights, temperature, door locks, and even live video cameras.

Home Automation from Phone, Alarm and Video Surveillance Installations in Culver City, CA
Front of Home, Alarm and Video Surveillance Installations in Culver City, CA

Tips to Prevent Burglaries:

  • Always lock your doors and windows, even when leaving for just a minute.
  • Never leave a house key available, whether it's under a doormat, in a flowerpot, or on the ledge of a door.
  • Employ additional, effective security solutions.

Home Alarm Systems in Culver City, CA 

Have peace of mind that your residence is protected against different threats when you turn to APS Security for service. We feature a number of home alarm systems in Culver City, CA, for houses of all sizes. From video surveillance, to alarm equipment, you will find the right option to safeguard your space. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help keep your home safe. 

Protect Your Home with Alarms

Your residence is where you come home to each and every night, and where you raise your family. You deserve to live in a space where you feel safe and comfortable. 

Have the right alarm equipment in place when you speak with our team for your product installation. Our systems are designed to cover every part of your property. 

Security Systems Can Help Prevent Burglaries

Deter burglars from breaking into your home by setting up a new security system. When you work with us to design a security system, we are happy to help advise you on the proper choice for your purchase. With us on your side, you will install a home alarm system that keeps you alerted of any potential dangers. 

Contact us to install a new alarm system at your home. We offer a series of security options for customers throughout the area.

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